I am more happy than I have been ever

I am more happy than I have been ever. Everything I been wishing & hoping for has happened.

This is my story. . .

Ok so I met this guy back in 2002 through one of my friends when I was 13, and he was 17. I lied to him about my age; I told him I was 15. We started by talking on the phone. I lost my virginity to him shortly after meeting him (1st date actually). At this point everything was great, and we were both totally in love with each other. The first time we broke up, it was because I told him my age. My world was turned upside down. I realized that a broken heart actually does hurt, in the pit of your stomach. I couldn't even blame him either.
So we ended up getting back together, only it was much rockier the second time around. He cheated on me, stood me up a lot, and basically just did not love me the way I loved him. We broke up probably 5 more times over the next 4 years. I just thought if I kept waiting, he would realize what a good girl he had. I was very good to him, and I loved him more than anything ever.
During one of these "breaks", he ended up getting another girl pregnant. He told me about this, and I was crushed. I had already planned our "future" together, and that was my place. And from the get-go, I knew this b**** had been after my man. I hadn't talked to him in a long time when he called me about 7 months later. His baby was a still-born. I'm not gonna lie, I wished death on it a long time before, and felt guilty, as if it were my fault. (I now believe this was just fate; a sign that we were meant to be together.) I knew he wanted me back, but I had gotten over him, and so I didn't want to jump back into anything with him, but I told him I would be a friend he could talk to if he needed it.
Well, he finds out the whole time this girl is pregnant, she is cheating on him. I think he finally realized how good he had it with me then, only I wasn't taking him back. we talked sparatically for a while. When I hadn't heard from him in a long while, I called his cousin (my friend who hooked us up). I found out he was in jail.
That is when all those old fellings came back to me. All of a sudden I missed him, and wanted him, so I told his cousin to call me on 3way next time he called. When I spoke to him the first time, I brokedown, and told him I love dhim and missed him.
When he got out of jail, we got back together. And we still are (and have been steadily for more than a year). I think he had a lot of growing up to do, and I feel more confident in our relationship than ever. I love this man to death, and I finally feel like he truly appreciates and loves me too. He turned into the man I had always wanted him to be. God I love him so much. I feel lucky to have found my man so early in life, even if I did have to go through bullshit to get him. 6 years later, I got my man!!! I love you baby!!

Sorry it is so long, but I feel it is a very rare occurence to actually get what you want in life, especially with everything working against you.

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  • Commenters: You are all haters! Everyone says you can't change a person, and that you can't make them who you want them to be, well, I did! My man loves me, and he treats me very, very good, probably because of all the s*** we been through together. Oh, and I am not from West Virginia, or anywhere in the south for that matter, so don't be so judgemental! All you can suck a d***, just not my boyfriend's!

  • Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  • This reads like you're from west Virginia, if I were your mother I'd beat your sorry ass for lying and sleeping with someone at 13. Your youth shows in your ignorance. Please don't have children.

  • You suck, you're a horrible person, and I hope you get tortured to death very soon, and very painfully. I hate you.

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