I cant stop doing it!

At my school they let girls wear yoga pants and leggings, and its so hot. I get so h*** during class that I have to go to the bathroom almost every period to m*********.
I dont know what to do because well, to be honest I have a pretty long c*ck and it makes it hard to hide it if I dont go to the bathroom. Any advice?

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  • You could always cut a hole in one of your pockets and m********* during class...

  • I wore tight undies and boxers over the outside. I could direct my c*** around the side and upward. When it got hard it was not sticking out my pants leg. It kept it pretty close to my pocket. My hand cover the rest of it from there. I did the same in gym class at school. kept my c*** from flopping out the bottom of my short gym shorts.

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