I loked my self in a bathroom

I was at a musem and I hade to go if you know what I mean so I went to go and when I walking I passed this one girl I liked so I sead hi and sead I need to go and ran to the bathroom and loked the door from the outside and after one hour she knoked on the door to see if I was ok and she unloked the door and walked in just when I was going to the bathroom agan and she saw well you dont want to know and there she slaped me and I fated for one hour or so it was the wortsed day of my life

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  • If you're going to use a written word based form of communication, first learn how to f****** write! I don't care if you're just lazy or this is Ebonics or whatever, it's not edgy or cool. If you were saying these words verbally, at least half the sounds you'd make would be nonverbal honking noises. Yes, I just called you a r*****.

  • what the f*** is this i didn,t understand it at all

  • i'm sorry what, i didn't under stand what was just said... so a girl you like saw you (s******* i assume) go to the bathroom after walking in on you and she got mad that you were doing what normal people do in the restroom

  • He was most likely j**********

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