My health teacher is hot

So I'm not sure if this is really a confession, but I have a really hot health teacher and I grabbed her ass. I have had a crush on her all year (im a freshman in high school) and ever since I've meet her I've wanted to "have" her.( not trying to be weird) So we had an assembly and at the end as I was walking down the stairs from the top bleachers she walked past, I had seen her earlier that day and she had on a nice pair of jeans. So as I walk past she says hi and I say hi back, then as she was just past me I reached back and felt her ass.

Feb 2, 2015

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  • My hot older sister is the textbook "Hot Teacher", and gets grabbed and groped by the boys all the time. Some have gone up or down her shirt while hugging her (they swoop their arms way above their heads to go in for the hug, and "mistakenly" sink into her shirt for a full b*** grope). She's used to it, sees it all in fun, and, as long as they don't get too rough with her or are seen, let's it continue.

    At football games, I've seen a few hug her, then lift her off her feet, jokingly carrying her off, or, sling her over their shoulders like prey. It's pretty funny. Try more with your teacher; She might like it.

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