I have never orgasmed. I do not find

I have never orgasmed. I do not find any pleasure or satisfaction in any form of s** other than when I perform oral s** on my boyfriend. He doesn't know this.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I love doing that to my man too. . .but only cause I know the favor will be returned.

  • Many women have trouble reaching climax, but the key is to find what you like. You need to find your spot, and find what dgree of pressure and speed is best for you. I can o***** fairly easy, and quickly (if I hit the right spots). I found them by exploring myself. Also, foreplay is very important. You have to build up your anticipation for the big show!

  • I agree with the second poster about how comfortable you are with your own body and if you even know your own needs. Do you like clitoral stimulation or vaginal. If you don't know how to m********* yourself, how is he supposed to know what buttons to push?

    Regarding the oral s**, does he return the favor? You get a sense of fufillment by helping him but sometimes you have to be selfish in bed. Worry about getting yourself off before him. Otherwise it sometimes means end of s** because he's 'done'. But thats okay sometimes. You just have to finish off by yourself. It happens the other way too. Just say you are done, but help him m********* if you have the energy.

    In the end, you may need a sexual therapist. (Not the escort kind)

  • Do anything that will make you h****. Call an innocent guy (not your current bf) to home and make him feewl you are hot and sexy.. Show cleavage.. transparent or shart dresses.... Notice his responses... try to sit with close and mke him uncomforable. He shouldnt feel that you are doing voluntarily. Do night study with him and act as if you have slept.. pose your sexy while sleeping... let him slowly enjoy you... then reply me..

  • Sweety, I tell you, I'd die to give you an o*****.... I trust it's not really him.... How comfortable are U with your own body??? If U are able to feel free, and RELAX, you can o*****... Just know its every woman's GOD given right to o*****. You can do it, even if you have to m********* during s**.... you can do it....

  • Sorry to hear it, maybe you haven't hooked up with the right guy yet?

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