I want a woman to please me as much a

I want a woman to please me as much a guy does. I can't trust anymore guys, but lesbian s** just doesn't measure up to real s**.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Actually the lesbians I've met consider what they do real s**.

  • ^ You certainly CAN get infections from a dog. They can get VD's just like horses and human can.

    OP: How about a threesome? A girl is there to protect you, the guy is there to service you. Everyone gets their rocks off IF everyone sets the rules before anything happens.

    This is unrelated but I heard a story about a woman who had an infection up inside on a vaginal wall. Anti-biotics didn't do the job. So after sending samples off for wide specturm tests it comes back she has Cat Scratch Fever. Its a real infection. HOW THE H*** WAS SHE SCRATCHED THERE?

  • Try a dog. They don't lie or cheat, talk back, yell or forget your birthday. You can't get pregant, STD's and they are always happy to see you.

  • That's going to be hard seeing as there is not substitute for the real thing. To me the issue here is your view of men. I don't know your past experiences but I'd say don't give up on meeting the right man. He's out there somewhere. Because it's obvious you won't be happy with a woman. On the other hand though if you really want to try and make lesbian s** work just have the other girl use a strap on. That is if you haven't already tried that.


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