I'm 15. I'm a good girl. I really am

I'm 15. I'm a good girl. I really am. But i have a crazy urge to do bad things. I want to experence life. Go to parties. Get wasted and what not. My friends on the other hand are totally different. I can't tell them any of the things i do. Because i can't trust them anymore. They tell people because they say they are "worried" about me. I'm fine. They just don't understand. At the begging of the year i fell in love with a boy. He was so amazing. He wanted S** so bad. Me, i don't want that and am not going to give it to him. He ended up hurting me in the end so bad. He cheated and broke up with me. I still love him more than life. I think about him everydayy. Recently he came over to my house when my mother wasnt home. And we had oral s**. He ate me out. Omg. He is so good. It was his first time. I was his firsts. He was mine. He looked so cute while doing it. He still talks to me every once in a while i guess. Not as much as i would like of course. But its life. I'm starting to hang out with my bestfriends brother instead of her. He has a caar. And likes to party. Tell me? Am i to young to want to party and do the things i do? Should i listen to my friends? The boy im in love with is coming over tommorow. I just want him to hold me. I can't tell anyone tho. Which sucks becuase i want to tell the WORLD :(

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  • Go on be a badass.

  • Do it. It's fun.

  • why are young girls so DUMB

  • Experiencing life doesn't mean partying and having s**. So often people think in order to live you have to be wild and crazy. Your friends are right and so are the first two commenters. You can have plenty of fun and experience life and do it in a safe and productive manner. Getting drunk and partying only puts you at risk of doing something you will regret or doing something that could seriously hurt you in the future. My suggestion is to focus on your school work, you can still look at and talk to the boys because that's just going to happen but use good judgement as your friends are doing. Once you are grown and able to stand on your own two feet (financially) then you can handle all the possible consequences of partying (Babies, STD's, getting drunk, fighting, etc)

  • I would suggest you stop worrying about partying so much and take more time to learn how to spell, so bad. And the first commentor is right, be whiny and boring and the boys will flock to you.

  • i was in a similar situation once. You'll get smashed, have s** with some random and totally regret it, and hope that your original friends will take you back.

    As for the guy your "totally in love with", he's probably just using you. If it was his first time, he wouldn't be so good at it. He cheated on you! He doesn't deserve another chance. Besides trust me, it hurts to see your ex with another girl, it hurts even more to see him with his pregnant girlfriend, he sounds like that kind of person!

    I'm not saying don't experience life. I advise you to go with your friends brother as he will probably look out for you. but i don't recommend you date him - i have a twin brother and friend's dating him, it's awkward and i feel left out and it really does shatter the friendship - especialy if you guys break up and never want to come over again to avoid him. and i'm not going to talk bout how hot my brother is!

    It's NOT life for someone who loves you never to call! my best friend gets texts from her boyfriend at 2 in the morning, + everynight before he goes to sleep and in the morning when he gets up. and they have a really good relationship that i envy - that's what you want.

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