i think i'm better than my friends who

i think i'm better than my friends who do pot. i can't help it. they've turned into different people... and not ones i really want to know. i can't wait until i leave for college so i never have to see them again.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • you dont choose not to smoke weed, you'll die if you did. theres no choice in that. ahahah
    people really dont change that much. they just mature a little

  • oops-DANK!! not drank!(-t)

  • The part that makes you sound like a b**** has nothing to do with wether people change when they smoke some drank. It has to do with the "i think i'm better than them" bullshit! (i.e your "superiority complex") And when you get older "you may be able to honestly tell people that you never smoked dope",But you may also be able to say "I'm a boring person who never takes chances and only knows how to look down on others and has a very narrow mind". However in your case i do hope that you won't smoke if you are ill! But your narrow mindness just makes you sound stupid! (-T)

  • you are better than your friends for not caving in to peer pressure, the day will come when they will regret smoking that s*** and you will be able to honestly tell people that you never smoked dope

  • seeing as how doctors have told me there's a chance i could die if i ever do pot or any other drug for that matter, since i had to take anti-seizure medication to balance the chemicals in my brain as a child, i don't think i'll ever do it.

    ... and it does change people. that doesn't make me a b****.

  • It does not make you better. I am pretty sure you will try it at least once, and you may even like it enough to make a mild habit out of it. MOst kids do in college. You might get away from them in college, but pot will still be there and you will eventually get sucked into all of the hype about it.

  • It doesn't make you better but it shows you make better choices than they do.

  • Abstaining from marijuana does not make you better than anyone. You sound like a b****, and I bet when you DO get to college, you will be drunk all the time, and probably end up on girls gone wild or something. Most good girls turn bad in college, so enjoy your "superiority" while it lasts! B****!

  • Honestly, people do change when they start smoking pot, but, they are still the same inside. You're not better than them, you lead a different lifestyle. Maybe pushing them away makes them seem different since you arent involved in their lives as much.

  • you don't "do" pot,
    you SMOKE it. :)

    *stick that in your pipe and smoke it. ;) *

  • good for you.

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