My neighbor

Been having wonderful s** with my 52 year old neighbor for several days now and I can't get enuf of him or his c***. He took my cherry the first time and now I am his s** slave. He has taught me just about everything that has to do with s** and fulfilling his desires and in turn I get his c***. Last night he put on a DVD p**** and five guys were taking turns with a girl smaller than I am and she was loving it and Ted asked if I would want to try that sometime and my answer to him was if he wanted me to. He said it would be a big turn on for him if he saw me with other guys as long as I stay with him I told him I would never leave him or his lovin. I fell asleep with my head on his lap and when I awoke there was several of his friends in the room as well stripped of their clothes and one guy began to suck on my nipples and what he was doing with his toung I was loving it and I was being aroused all over again. He picked me up holding me against him he told me to hang onto him and I did and he began to suck on my neck and I was his Ted told him he couldn't c** in me and I let out a moan for Ted knew how much I love his c** in me but he told the guys they couldn't but he put his co** in me and began to f*** me as I held onto him and he lifted my legs up a bit and he got all of his coc* in me and began to fu** me like there was no tomorrow and I began to squeal and I got my first o***** with him and I fell back for I could no longer hold onto him another guy was playing with my nipples and he even pinched them but it didn't hurt like I thought it would it just made me want more c*** in me and then he pulled out of me and I felt his c** splatter all over my v***** oh god it felt so good, so warm but I wanted it in me then another guy started in taking his turn with me, I know Ted told me their names but I forgot them already oh god this guys coc* was a lot fatter than the guy before him but shorter but it felt so good to me and he pounded my pu**y like he wasn't ever to get me again and he wanted to give me a good fu*k and a good fu*k he did and he to pulled out of me just as he shot his load onto my stomach and I felt deprived of what I wanted again.
Oh god I can't believe what I am seeing a good 10 incher and it had to be a good 2 inches across standing at attention right before me wanting his turn with me and no sooner did the guy that just came on me get up he got between my legs lifted them up onto his shoulders and put his coc* in my wanting puss and started in with long deep strokes pressing against my cervix kinda hurting a bit but not for long, I swear he went up my cervix for he started getting more and more of his c*** in me and I felt myself stretching to accommodate him and before long his b**** was slapping my as* as he rammed his coc* deep into me and I was determined to have him shoot his load into me and before long after him taking me to a o***** four times I felt him tighten up and I wrapped my legs around him and I kept his coc* in me deep as he dumped his load into my hot pus** and I smiled and continued to hold onto him and he started in shrinking but I wasn't going to hear of it and I began to fuc* his coc* and he got hard again and I fucke* him riding him like a horse fast and slow but sitting on him taking all of his 9 inch coc* in my pu** I layed on his chest to catch my breath his hands holding my as* and every now and then a finger would touch my a*** and it sent chivers up my spine and the next time he touched me there I pushed back against him and he put his finger up my bummy and kept it there and moved in and out getting me wetter by the minute from our juices. Wasn't long till I raised up and he put the head of his c*** into my bummy and I started in riding his coc* up my ars deeper and deeper he went and I was loving it and he began to match my thrusts and he'd even go deeper into me, wasn't long till he gave me another one of his loads but this time deep into my ars and I swear I could feel his c** rushing down his co*k before it dumped into me squirt after squirt and I came on him right then and there , boy did I ever. I screamed so loud I swore if the door was open you could have heard me a block away and I collapsed upon him and he kept his co*k in me and we layed they for what seemed a half a hour as I felt him go limp inside of me and when he pulled out of me his c** followed which seemed like a good quarter of a cup full. we got up and got cleaned up and we all sat around talking then Ted decided it was his turn with me but we went into his bed room and made wonderful love over and over and when we came out everyone else was gone and it was 440 in the morning, wow if I remember right it was 530 when I came over here. I told Ted it was wonderful what he did for me but I want to just have him during the week and what he'd want me to do on the week ends that's ok by me and he smiled as he kissed me over and over.

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