About 2 hours ago my neighbor caught me masurbating along side of our pool in the back yard, didn't know it but he watched me through the whole deal till I made myself c** three times by then I was weak from my orgazums that I basically was helpless and when he approached me I started to hide myself the best I could but he wanted no part of that and he threw what clothes I had away and told me to turn over, I didn't and he turned me over and gave me a hard slap on my ass and told me to obey the next time or I'd get a lot more, I held back my whimpers the best I could and he started in slapping my ass with his semi ridged c*** and it didn't take long before it was standing at attention and he rubbed it against my bare pus and mny ass and his pre c** lubed me very well for he shoved the head of his c*** into my ass and I started to scream for it hurt a whole lot and he placed his hand over my mouth and told me no more of that or I'd get another spanking and more he shoved into me and more then he held himself there not moving but I soon started to get use to the size of him there and it started to feel good and he must have known for he started going in and out of me with long slow strokes and I began to push myself back towards him when he shoved it into me and soon we f***** each other with vigour and then he shot his load into my ass deep, held himself still pressing hard against me and I could feel each and every squirt as he continued to dump more c** into me so much that it started in leaking out around his c*** running down my ass onto my p**** and he inserted two fingers into me and began to f*** me with his fingers while he still had his c*** into my bum he began f****** me again and I came, oh god did I ever I came and came on his c*** deep in my ass and it felt so damn good I wanted more but he had no more to offer me but he left me with a big empty hole, wanting more c***. He left me there laying on my back on the chase lounger in the yard feeling used but wanting more and then the kid across the street saw me hopped over the fence and came to my side asked me if I was ok for I was crying and I said no and he sat down by my side and asked if there was anything he could help me with. I was embarrassed for I only had my top of my bikini on and I didn't even know where the bottom was so I continued to lay on my stomach and he placed his hand on my lower back and began to give me a message and it felt good and he untied my top and layed the strings aside and continued to massage my back, here I am 26 and I think he's 16 maybe 17 and we've only talked a few times and here he is giving me a back massage and I only have the top of my bikini and he's untied that and god now he's straddling me rubbing my back with both his hands and I'm loving it.
I guess I fell asleep for I awoke feeling his kisses all over my back and on my neck and I must have whimpered for he began so give me longer kisses on my neck and running his tongue along and I felt it coming and I started in moving my hips slow but pushing my pelvic into the chase and he must have felt me moving and he got up I layed there and he returned but I felt the hair on his legs and his hand began to slide between the cheeks of my ass and he began to rub my pus and up to my ass hole which was a bit sore from our neighbor but his hand felt good and I raised my hips up a bit and he went further doiwn to my c*** and he rubbed it and then back to my puss and ass and his hands pulled my hips up and I felt his c*** hit my v***** and he pulled me higher and higher and each time his c*** entered my c*** farther and farther and it wasn't long till I was on my knees and he began to f*** me hard doggie and I came, came hard and as I did he shot his load into me pushing all of his c*** into me pressing hard against me I was about to c** again and he pulled out of me and put the head of his c*** against my ass and I could feel a bit more of his c** going in my ass and he shoved his c*** right to where his b**** slapped my p**** and I pushed back against him and he began to f*** my ass vigorously and I came again but a lot harder and he was making me c** over and over and he kept f****** my ass and all of a sudden he stopped pressing his c*** hard in me I felt it swell and his c** shot into me hard again and again I could feel every single squirt entering me and spilling out of his c*** into my ass and I couldn't help myself I kept f****** his c*** for it felt oh so good and I wasn't about to let him go he started to get up but this time I straddled over him took my hand and placed his c*** at my ass and slid down onto his member which was still hard and I began to f*** him just as he did me and it didn't take long before I was c****** on his c*** again and again. Exhausted I layed down onto his chest c*** still in my ass I looked him in the eyes and gave him a big kiss on the lips inserting my tongue and he responded, soon we got up and we faced each other cont.

Jun 20, 2014

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