My husband's ED is so hard (no pun intended)

My husband is 47 and has Erectile Dysfunction. I have been patient for months but he doesn't take his medication the way he is supposed to, and I have begged him to. He gets me off (oral) and then tries to fu-- me but it only leads to disappointment every time. I love him and I would not cheat so I end up masturbating when he is asleep. I do anything and everything in bed to please him- EVERYTHING- but this is killing my confidence. I know it's a medical condition but I keep thinking it would be different if I were 20 again. Can anyone offer any suggestions/ advice/ etc?

Feb 27, 2015

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  • Nothing wrong with having a younger man get your rocks off once in a while.

  • I’m 54 my wife is 51. She doesn’t have the exact same problem but the last time we had intercourse she didn’t get wet she didn’t have an o***** and she told me she was getting bored of my weak elections. She suggested we should try “toys or something”. After a couple of months refusing intimacy she showed me a d**** she got and asked me to m********* one another. It was a real looking one a bit on the bigger side. I got very aroused as she got very wet and e********* promptly. From refusing she went to wanting it every day. She told me we should watch videos and asked me to have our new way of s** while watching a mature woman (like her) having intercourse with a younger guy (not like me). Soon I started having fantasies.

  • Using toys is not only exciting, and arouses thoughts of many different fantasies, but is also very good for a marriage. I feel that everything two consenting adults want to do to keep the s** life alive is a good thing. Toys for both you and the wife are encouraged. Try a masterbator and let her hold it as you slide your hard c*** in it. It will surely excite her and add amazing flare to your s** life. Have fun!

  • Be caught watching p*** a lot, He might get the point. Sorry for your troubles.

  • Make him watch you f*** another man so he will be reminded to take his meds regularly

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