I've never used a condom

I've never used a condom and I've been f***** by hundreds of guys

Mar 2, 2015

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  • I am in an open marriage and I prefer a man not to use a condom as I love the feeling when the man is making his release inside of me. Plus, I enjoy the sensation of having a man's s**** inside of me hours after the s** act.

  • My husband is a great man. I’ve been having s** with him since a teenager. I cheated on him twice before we married and he pardoned me both times. We never use condoms, he simply pulls out and discharged his load on me or somewhere else. He also likes to m********* whatching me.

  • I have never used condoms either and LOVE going bareback very much!!!! This includes going raw in monogamous relationships, casual s** with FWBs as well as one night stands!!! The risk and thrill of always f*****g bare is a huge turn on and the fact I've never caught any STI/STDs is why I haven't wrapped up my c**k ;-)

  • I did not use them either, when I did use them I would rip the end and pull it back.
    I got two married women pregnant and nearly got shot by one of the husbands. I got clymidia from a teen girl who had s** with two guys before me. With treatment it was cleared up. Its a wonder i did not get far worse. But that was mostly before we heard of aids. I would not take that chance today.

  • Dirty w****, I'm sure you are white trash.

  • Dirty w****

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