I think my father in law might own a nursing home.

My mother in law has been off for a while. last week she went way off and required ER trip. From there to the Nursing and rehab home.

My father in law would spend the day visiting and go home at night time. She had a private room due to her mental issues. Then this morning he came up and her door was closed. he waited for a bit and finally walked in slowly. her curtain was pulled and he could hear sounds of her having s**.
He looked around and a man was s******* her. He told him to stop. That man told him he could wait his turn just like he had when the other guy was there.
He grabbed the man and hit him in the head with a water glass. He stopped and got off her.

She told that this man was the third one who had been on her this morning.

My father in law go so upset they called the police. She is being moved in the morning. A guard will be posted outside her door all night.

Mar 11, 2015

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