Does this mean Im a lesbian?

I am a happily married woman who has never experimented with other women but it makes me extremely h**** to watch lesbian p***. I find the female body so beautiful. Moments after watching it, I am dripping wet.

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  • Yes. Yes, that's EXACTLY what it means.

  • it means your just like me. i love watching it too and my husband and family have no idea i have these urges. i have never acted on them but after watching so much lez action online now when i am out in public i look at other women and i find myself thinking, "jesus i'd love to be f****** THAT right now". it makes me feel nasty and i love that feeling.

  • A slightly different but similar thing for me. Happilly married. With toddler. Having a affair with another playgroup mom. Its even worse because it's like bdsm kinky. She bosses me and spanks me and does other physically painful things that I would never allow my husband to even think of doing. We usually end up touching and rubbing each other and kissing and the most drawn out o****** that just float on and on.

    I swing between guilt and vowing never again and then I start to fanticise about it and then it happens again.

  • No, it doesn't mean anything other than that you have a sensuality that responds to multiple sexual stimuli. Nothing wrong with that. Of course, there's nothing wrong with lesbianism or bisexuality either, and those are areas that you may eventually find yourself exploring, if that appeals to you. If not, then just sit back and enjoy the girl-on-girl activities. Remember: they call all of this "love-making" for a reason. And with women, the love is more pure . . . and more beautiful. Have fun!

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