I'd love to talk with anyone who grew up in a nudist environment.
There isn't anyone i can talk to about that part of my past, they can't understand what it was like.
Please get back to me so we can chat.

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  • Hot older sister got me into this in her old apartment..She'd get home from work, and immediately disrobe, in full and for the evening. Made me dinner one night, and, while didn't push it, did encourage me to join her. Even helped me disrobe and told me, hey, you have a fit, great body (as did she), and should be free with it with me. From that point forward, anytime I'd visit, and it was a lot, as she was close by, my clothes never lasted more than 5-10 minutes before exiting my body and hanging with her, naked, all night.

    We'd watch tv, have dinner, chat, drink..Just enjoy each other as we always did, just now..Naked. Most of my friends, who had a huge thing for her, continually told me I was a lucky b****** to be naked with her all the time..Have done it here at my house a few times as well.

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  • Sorry can't chat. Did not grow up or go to a nudist camp. Closest is listening to a mother and father being interviewed on the radio who were nudists saying their whole family have been going nudist camping all their lives but their daughter who I understood to have been 13 or 14 was going through a self conscious phase so they were letting her wear a bikini but that she had to swim in the nude.

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