More than a friend

I've been married 28 years and even though my husband and I still have s** fairly often I found myself masturbating frequently when he is away. He has a very good job but travels around the country and often overseas a few times a month, sometimes for a week or more. My two children are both married and both live quite a distance away. I go to the clubhouse and pool two or three days a week and became friendly with Neil. He is 69 years old but he has a great personality and is fun to be with. My husband knows him well also but has no knowledge of how my relationship with Neil has transpired. I still have a nice enough figure to wear a two peice bathing suit and still like how men look at me. It was just over a year ago the first time I let Neil give me a massage. The first half dozen times I was in my bathing suit but once I became comfortable with him touching my body he slowly talked me into removing my top. Then he suggested I only wear a towel and for some reason I had no embarrassment of him seeing me nude and massageing my entire body. Once the nude massages began it led to him masturbating me each time and I only reacted by having intense o******. I actually expected him to pursuade me to have s** with him but after awhile he confided in me that he was impotent. As is now he massages me about 8 or 10 times each month and I am totally at ease with the way he sees and touches me. He sees me naked more than my husband does and yet I feel no guilt by letting him not only massage but also m********* me. When my husband is home he not only sees Neil often but we actually go out to dinner together. I doubt my husband suspects anything because of Neils age and also his appearance since he is not a very handsome man. My husband seems to like him very much and sometimes suggests we have Neil come for dinner. I have offered to m********* Neil many times and have held his p****. He said he has tried v***** a few times but that has no effect ever since he had prostate cancer a few years ago. Even though he can't get an erection he still tells me how much he enjoys looking at me naked, touching my body and satisfying me.


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  • Last summer I was sun bathing in our back yard and our neighbor who's 53 came in and I asked him if he'd rub lotion on my back and he said sure. It wasn't the first time he has rubbed lotion on my back and I felt comfortable around him even tho I am only 17. He untied my top and let it fall and I was going to say something but didn't and he began massaging my back with the lotion and it felt oh so good and I fell asleep.
    I awoke when he was right at my puss rubbing my upper legs and I felt his finger in me a little but I didn't say anything to him I pretended to be still asleep and he kept rubbing both my legs and every time he got right at my puss he stopped and began to play with me and I tell you he was getting to me and I still pretended to be asleep then he removed my suit bottoms and now I was nude laying there taking in his hands and he began to play with me making me squirm on his touches then he knew I was awake for I moaned and it wasn't long till he 56turned me over and began to play and suck on my nipples and my hands held his head right there for he was making me feel so good. and his hand started in making me wetter and wetter and he got between my legs and gave me a work out for two hours and then he told me to go in and take a shower before mom and dad got home.

    I now go to his house quite often to get a rub down and he's more than eager to give me one.

  • I'm happy you found a s** buddy, even though you're not actually f******. Sounds like a very healthy thing for you.

  • Am sure your hubby knows what u and Neil are up to. He probably has hidden cameras all over your house and front door

  • I'm a guy and i can understand how he gets enjoyment just touching you and masturbating you and even just seeing you c** and knowing he helped.

  • You f****** c*** bag bollocks you f****** b******

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