I hate being a parent!!

I have 3 kids, I'M miserable. I put On a show all day everyday but I hate my lofe. Too late to go back 15 years and undo all that has been done. I hate being married. I hate having kids. I hate it. Hate it all!!

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  • Be careful what you wish for - there are lots of women out there looking for husbands!

    The grass isn't always greener, in fact more often than not there is dogshit everywhere!

    Concentrate on the little things :)

  • It's not your kids or your husband or even your life. It's you. Even turning the clocks back 15 or 20 years, would not change how you feel now. It will always come down to where you are right now. It would just be different problems, but the same result..it's you. You are not happy with who you are. A temporary vacation or even some crazy plan to disappear and leave your kids/husband/life would not allow you to escape or free you from the demons you're fighting either. They will follow you, until you deal with whatever it is that makes you so unhappy. No thing or person will ever make you happy until you are happy with who you are. Lady, go get some serious help because you have A LOT of work to do and it doesn't happen overnight. It's work..some days are easier than others. But stop complaining and do something proactive about it.

  • The best advice I could give you is to blow your f****** head off. My kids are my life. If you hate YOURE life so much maybe you don't deserve it. Ass hole.

  • Stop being a prosititue

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