I know I'm a single mother an all in my thirties I decided to do some extra work for a guy who's a trk driver at my. Office job he's single in late fifties an he needed more less sonekne to come in bi weekly to clean up I agreed needing extra cash it's been going awesome making ends meet bills paid but apparently his dating was worse than mine an recently over talk an mingling at his house we ended up going on date first for us both in couple years after was a kiss which was ok but now three weeks later we dated again went step farther wound up back at his house in bed he's awesome as a older lover cept the freaky thing in shower he had me blowing him an he sorted pea in my mouth I recovered from that but then as I was cleaning his house next day we made out an it happened again but on my ass an back as we were doggystyle humilated I disappeared to bathroom when I emerged he told me he was sorry an said it's just I do a great job arousing him I calmly accepted the apology but as I was letting him eat me the other night he plainly asked p*** an for a second I felt odd I misunderstood him then again he asked louder so I worked up some inside me an did an he f****** enjoyed the tinkle I squirted upon his face strange yes but now I don't know wat to do is he just a freaking weirdo r should I continue letting the relationship go on please help thks


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  • Lots of people like watersports...nothing wrong with it.

  • Your a lying witch

  • Enjoy it for what it is and while it lasts

  • I read but did not quite understand!

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