My friend spent five years in prison

I knew of this guy in high school and while he was no rocket scientists I never thought hed do something as stupid as he did.

Shortly after we graduated someone saw him break into a house. The police were called and the house was surrounded. He came out after being order out but for some stupid reason he held onto his handgun.

He was almost shot to death but he eventually did drop his weapon. His hesitation is what got him imprisoned for five years.

He had always acted tough but he was skinny and being only eighteen he was fair game for the perverts in prison.

He was forced to perform certain ** acts which included ** and oral. He was regularly ** and humiliated. He was actually the property of five convicts.

Despite this he was able to earn some college credit. He had enough credits to be able to graduate two years after his release.

He has both physical and mental medical issues which include gender confusion when it comes to whom he wants to have ** with. He currently is bi sexual.

His ** was injured and he sometimes has problems with his sphincter holding the waste in and he has to watch what he eats. He has to go to the bathroom several times a day.

Even though this was over twenty years ago he still has nightmares about his ordeal.

He works at a decent job in town and has done really well but his three marriages have ended in divorce.

I don't really know why I'm writing this maybe its just a warning not to commit a stupid crime.

Next Confession

Dads good friend

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  • Friend of mine did 2 months, then, another 3, for multiple DUI's and another issue. While I was there for him and kept contact, I was also plowing his gf on the side on a regular basis. She was tall, blonde, great blue eyes, and a **, imperfect smile. And not the most confident woman, so, easy to chat up and have ** with. She and I were ok as friends, but I'd always looked at her body and thought..**, I'd love a shot at that.

    When he went in, she'd call me to meet up "to talk", and she would..About the same complaints she had before he went to jail. We'd sit, drink, get a little hands-on (she was a sucker for my hands on her low back, inside her shirt...loved it), and usually return to my house for an afternoon or evening of wild **. Without once talking about him..

    She knew I had a thing for long, polished nails, and kept hers the same. Would do them red, or a just as **, black, when we'd meet up. If "Danielle's" nails were freshly done, I knew...I'm having at her today.

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