Lost virginity to 40 yearold

I was stupid and a reckless fifteen yearold and met up with a 40yearold online. we ended up having s** and it went on for the whole summer. a few years later i found someone who actually cares about me but i didnt tell him i lost my virginity to an older guy. he thinks i gave my cherry to him. the guilt is still here and i feel stupid to sleep with an older man who had kids older than me. so girls lemme give u some advice. if ur gonna sleep with an older guy. DONT F**KEN DO IT!!! THEY DONT GIVE A S*** ABOUT YOU!! ALL THEY WANT IS A YOUNG GIRL TO PREY ON AND USE, THEN THEYLL THROW U AWAY LIKE TRASH.

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    So you were a willful little teenage drama queen and were all "I do what I want!" And now you've reaped the consequences.

    Cry louder, little dumbass. Your tears are DELICIOUS!

  • It would be gas if he tripped u up little s***

  • What can one say you must have been asleep 2 throw away but some guy might take u

  • Tel ur bf truth some guys dont mind their girl being easy provided he is not going to marry u might even turn him on gf a s***

  • Go back to that man ask him to put it n ur ass

  • U made him happy now hes searching 4 another young s***

  • Don't worry about it. The past is the past. Look forward and don't look back.

  • No future im a s***

  • Do you feel like a w****

  • I feel lik a w****

  • He is laughing at u he got ur cherry bet he licked ur honey

  • Good thing you realized it now. Next time tell your daughters not to do what you have done.

  • Id like my daughters to be easy like me

  • You are trash!

  • I know but i enjoyed it

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