I used to go to church all the time

I used to go to church all the time. Every sunday and Tuesday from 7-9 I would be at church. one specific church. i stopped going because i dont believe everything they do, and i felt like i was living a lie. now i do believe in something, just not the same things...well actually its totally different. so anyway, one of my friends who goes to that church just got married. i was invited, and went. i brought my nephew because i was babysitting him. everyone from the church was there, and thought it was my baby. they all sat me down and said that jesus still loves me, and even though i think i am living in sin he forgives me.

well first of all it wasnt my baby. and even if it was i dont think that god or jesus or whatever you want to call it is angry with me. i am NOT married. and me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby. and i hate that the those people in the church made me feel bad for living my life. i dont believe what they do, and i cant believe that i fell into there crock of s***!!!

ya know, i do want to have a baby right now. it might not be the best time or circumstance but if you wait for the best time, you will end up waiting forever, because things could always be better. and for people to basically tell me that i am living my life in sin and not the proper way...well i say s**** them. maybe their way of living isn't right for me, and my way of living isn't right for them. But that doesn't mean that one is better or worse than the other.

I am glad I got that off my chest.
to my boyfriend, I love you and thank you for standing by you when i have needed you the most. I will always love you <3

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  • ^But makin the baby IS as fun as it looks in p*****

  • Having a baby is not as easy at it looks on tv!

  • I know. Those religious people are always telling people how to live their lives. But the real problem is they are right and we just don't want to stop doing all the crazy immoral things that we think make our life worth while.


  • ^ lol, I was thinking the same. *sigh*

  • ^And the arrogance begins

  • Also, there is one way to live your life that is the "right" way. I however am not so sure anybody knows it.

  • Just "wanting" to have a baby isn't the best reason for having one. I suggest you think really hard about all the responsibility you're taking on. And it doesn't matter to me if you are married or not, just so you know, all I am saying is that I think way too many people tie their lives down with kids at too young an age.

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