Dirty Trick!

I must confess...

I am a 35 year old man, 3 kids, crazy house... S** and b******* are hard to come by at the moment being... That's ok. I lined up a dirty dirty trick...

My sister in law, freshly 19 years young tells me about a bachloret party she is going too ( her and her friends are a tad on the closet s**** side lol ) ask me a few questions than looked around... I said hey what's the deal, she wanted to know where to score some pot, so I told her. Than I asked what else they were doing, strippers? Bars? Than I said are you taking your friend to the glory hole? She said why would I do that? I said it's like a right of passage, you guys at the end of the night stop by and let her suck her last c@ck... Lol I was planting the seed there! Hahaha she thought about it and said oh, well you would Prob get some old man, I said no. There's a place on campus in the ally, it's a frat house I think. Gave her the address told her to knock and c**** would come out of holes. So that I called up a buddy who lives close to campus and never gets laid and is divorced and told him the plan! We cut two holes in his grauge in the all and that night we waited... Sure enough... Here come 6 young drunk blonde girls... Well we both flopped our c**** out and got our nuts drained a few times Bc they took turns. Those poor Horney girls went at it for awhile! Finally they are done. Next day my C@ck is sore but drained, I am happy, and I wake up to 6 hung over party girls at my house! They all said they had the time of they're lives too! Lol what a dirty dirty trick! Hahaha do I feel too bad about it. Nah. They are all of age and brought it on themselves obvislly. By the way, my fat 40 year old friend worships me now lol. The end!


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  • No movie, and not fake... I am the oringinal poster and I am not a troll. I have had this badass confession for a few months now on my chest. I can't tell anyone or talk about it with anyone but the guy I did it with so I had to just blab it somewhere to someone... This seems like the best place... only Prob is.... Oh and there is a Prob. Ever since this has happened, all I can think about is getting my poor sister in law to slob my k***. I've even thought about the next big girls night out trying to insert the idea of the " glory hole " again... And go over to my buddies and wait like a looser for a drunk 19 year old to show up with her friend lol... Oh well... I guess that's life! I've created my own monster within.

  • Lol. Fake or not the story is awesome!!!

  • What movie did you see that in??

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