Odd dreams

I am now 29. When I was at school I wasn't popular but I wasn't unpopular. Somewhere in the middle. A guy who i felt was one of my closest friends was desperately in love with me. I knew this. He always tried to tell me but i laughed it off or didn't give him the chance to truly explain. On purpose. I didn't think of him that way and i didn't want to ruin what we had. He eventually gave up and found a girlfriend. We drifted apart.
I haven't seen Michael since. I know through the grape vine that he had since moved to France. He has an amazing life and is so happy.
What i want to confess is even though i have a lovely boyfriend and children and all these years have passed. I haven't stopped thinking about him. I have always been plagued by 'what if?' I dream about him at least once a week. I have tried contacting him on facebook but i never got a reply. Is it possible to fall in love with someone because you miss them so much? I'm so confused and freaked out. I haven't seen the guy in over 10years and i think i love him. I haven't told anybody this ever.

Mar 29, 2015

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  • I to am plagued by dreams of a lost love.
    Back in High School I hung out with this guy and we never had a serious relationship but we hung out together for three years and then he went into the Navy and I haven't seen or heard from him since BUT I keep having these dreams about him and he's driving me crazy or should I say I'm becoming crazy about him.
    I don't live at home anymore and yesterday dad told me he stopped by and wanted to see me and he left his phone number for me to call. God I'm all chocked up I can't think straight, he's controlling my mind and a big part of me want's to call him but a small part say's NO, I secretly had a big crush on him as we grew up together and I never let him know but he was such a nerd back then but what about now? All sorts of questions are going thru my head but my mind is saying stay away from him, but I don't know why.

  • Sounds like your afraid. Afraid to be happy? For the sake of all of us tortured by dreams of lost loves, call him. Don't let him slip by as we did.
    The fact that he called and left his number tells you that he has obviously never forgotten you. Maybe you have been the star of his dreams?
    Call him.

  • Your post moved me, it happens to me too.
    I am married for 3 years now with the girl I met 5 years ago.
    I was in love with a girl, but we had very close friendly relationship (aka friendzone :)).
    The problem was we were friends first. Yes, she was hot, but very cool and good person too, so I didnt looked at her like other girls at the beggining.
    But as time was going by, I loved her more and more realising I think about her all the time and that my feelings for her changed...
    I never made a move, becouse she was in very long and serious relationship. I was afraid that she would think that I pretended that I am her's friend only to wait for right moment to make a move and try to "steal her".
    It was horrible couple of years for me, spending all that time with the person who you love so much, but can't hold her hand, kiss her, sleep with her...
    Eventually, I found a girl which is now mine wife.
    I liked her, but still could not stop loving my "friend".
    So, I decided to stop seeing her. When she would call me, I would say I can't see her, that I was busy.
    I wanted her to think that I am not interested in her anymore at all, now when I am not single anymore...
    After couple of months she stoped calling me...

    Now I am fine...
    I really love my wife. We get along perfectly, and we have a nice life. Soon we are planning to go for the baby...
    I think about my old "friend" now and then. It is funny we live in a same town, but didn't met her for 5 years now...
    Everything would be all right if I dont have those DREAMS.
    I am dreaming of her, same as you do, once per week or once in two weeks...
    After that I cant get her out of mine head for at least 2 days... and have that strange feeling in my chest like it will explode...

    I am afraid that it will continue until I die.
    Becouse 5 years passed already and it is the same as before, nothing changed.
    I just want it to stop. I just want to forget her and be totally happy with my wife. I want it so bad, but I can't.

  • I am glad I am not alone. That's strangely comforting. I really relate when you say after you dream of her you cant get her out of your head. That's exactly what happens to me. I hope things get easier for you.

  • Skater boy?
    My heart goes out to you

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