I often lie, as most men do about the

I often lie, as most men do about the size of their p****. Mine is 5", maybe stretches to 5.5" when REALLY HARD. It is thick though....Funny why men lie on this site, 10" incher, NO WAY. P*** stars don't even go 10". Fact is I am fine with my p****, and so is my wife. She loves it, and I make her C** pretty much everytime we have s**...:))

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^gotta agree. Girls really arnt b******, or you would all know the truth about c** tasting bad, p****' need to be bigger, and btw 98% don't know how to get a girl off...and 100% of you can't tell when were faking

  • No you don't stupid ass, we only tell you that you do, we also lie and tell you your great in bed, and we WAY lie and say that your c** taste so good honey. Please you idiot, you believe that s***?! What a stupid man!

  • I will say one thing and its not a lie and I know all would think it is, my p**** is 9 inches, at least 8.5, that the smallest measurement I ever got, and I didn't realize that i was fully hard when I got 8.5.

  • I prefer one a bit larger because my ex had one close to your size and he was a very gentle and loving guy.

  • Size queens unfortunately rule the psyche of men. It is the same effect that most women have on men in making them think that they are not enough. So the average is 5.5. The size queen likes an 8. Well say the average became 8, the size queen would want a 12! You can't win with these women and we should stop trying to. Unfortunately, if most of us are honest when asked about size, we're automatically disqualified from s**...

    But, look at the Chinese. Asians are rumored to have the smallest d****, but they came up with Kamasutra, giving their women mind-blowing s**. Really, it should be a case-by-case basis. I had a female friend tell me that she had the best s** with a guy whose d*** barely poked out of his body.

  • btw there is a diffrence in inches and millimetre,not to confuse you.

  • i like it 23 inches

  • to the poster. being able to say that makes you a way bigger man than the compulsive liars. good job :)

    and to the freak 2 comments above me... that is just sick. Taken the phrase "whatever floats your boat" too seriously.

  • ^Wtf????

    Anyways, to the poster: good job on making your wife c**! As long as she is happy with your size, who cares what anyone else says! I, myself, prefer a big one, but the girth is much mor important than the length, and no matter how big it is, you gotta know what to do with it!

  • I make my girlfriend c** multiple times every time we have s**. Then she sticks her finger in my butt and says "who's the b**** now" that's when I grab the huge 12 inch d**** and shove it in her ass and say "you the b****" then she sprays my face with her juices. Then I s*** the bed and we swin in this mix of diarrea and c** all day. You should try that.

  • ^ Yeah, I suppose if you live someplace where the road dictates that, then fine, but I live in an urban area and none of these wanna-be cowboys nor their big metal substitute d**** have probably ever seen anything deeper than a mud puddle nor gone further from a paved road than their own front yard. They just use their 8-mpg oversize Tonka toys to haul home the big-screen TVs from Wal-Mart and that's about it.

  • I actually see those trucks work. Not the shiny ones, but just a oversized tire with a slight lift. Oilfield roads sometimes require a truck like that.

    But there are real size queens who are act elite others for something they really can't take credit for.

  • Actually there ARE guys that big, but it's pretty uncommon. Also guys tend to measure very generously. It's an ego thing, which is also why you see these turds driving around in jacked up pickups with huge wheels. It's all to boost their own egos.

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