A few weeks ago I posted a confession where my husband had asked if he was smaller than my ex, he told me not to lie so I didn't! I said my ex was bigger but, he was p***** off at me for 4 days!!! It has now been almost 4 weeks since. my husband still asks the length wanting to get into detail about p**** sizes I've had. My thing is we're married now so it shouldn't matter about the past, he's become to curious as to why "he's small". I told him the truth and it hurt him. Now let's cut to the chase... during intimacy my husband is the best I've had though lasts long and plays the tongue game fight, but now he asked if I enjoy s** with him which I do but a white lie is a white lie I don't reach a o***** when we have s** only when he eats me. what do you men want honesty or lies????. It's gotten to the point of ruining our intercourse time even when I try to give him 69 to hush him up or get him hard as a rock he will insist on asking about my exs size time frame etc. my question is.. is this normal and normal for me to feel it's weird as to why he feels the need to know such things. We have been happily married for 3 years now! I'm 24 he's 26. No kids. So why is it too intriguing for him to want to know all about my past s** life,? Do couples talk about this on a basis I mean this has got to be like me asking him what were his was like or size where they tight? Wrong. I don't want to know. I need advice do I confront him tell him to be quiet or what? It's bothering me to the point I don't want him to kiss fiddle with me anymore.

Jun 26, 2017

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  • A lot of guys are insecure knowing they're girlfriend or wife has been with a well endowed ex.

  • Girls your p**** varies just as much as the d**** just find one you fit

  • When I started dating my now husband, he was always asking about how he measured up to my former partners (I was 27, so I had a few). It was so weird. He was also really insecure about it and emotionally jealous/unstable about it. He couldn't handle it really, and would get sad when I told him the truth sometimes.

    We've been together for 10 years now, and he still wants me to talk about my past, but now he's not insecure, but actually gets aroused by it. I think it's because our relationship has been stable long-term. It's become some weird kink of his to hear stories of me s******* other guys. He's made a 180 degree shift.

    My guess is that eventually he will stop being insecure, once your relationship deepens and lasts a while.

  • Maybe it's not insecurity but rather a need to see your ex F*** you while he watches?!?!!!

  • Yes I think so too!

  • He's just insecure. I know that I'm not the biggest my wife has had. She said she's had plenty of big d*** in her and she's happy with what I have. She said she likes being able to swallow my c*** because her ex's c*** was too big to deep throat. I asked how big. She asked if I really wanted to know. I told her yes. She said it was 10 inches. She said he didn't know how to use it. I asked. She told me. I didn't get mad. No reason to. I didn't know her back then so it's not like she chose him over me

  • My c*** is average,I know my wife has had plenty of c***, big and small. This has never bothered me, it's me she's been f****** for the past 20yrs. She has never c** from just being f***** but explodes when i lick her juicy c***. She is also an expert c*** sucker I know this came from a lot of experience and it turn me on thinking of all the c*** in her c*** and mouth

  • Tell him the truth that he has a small c*** and can't make you c** he sounds a sissy b**** to me have you ever tried a black man ? Here to help if needed

  • Race is irrelevant,so why bring it up? In all races, c*** sizes differ. A man's race doesn't predetermine, what size c*** he has. Don't be stupid now!

  • Totally agree , The whole bbc fetish is old and boring already. Every actual medical study done on p**** size shows there is no correlation between race and p**** size with the average size being between 5 to just over 6 inches long across all races.

  • Holy s***, my c*** is about 9 inches and I thought I was average size. Every guy on p*** looks like the have a horse c***. If 5 to 6 is average, than I must have a big c***. Any of the ladies want a BWC? Big White C***.

  • Tell him if he doesn't stop crying about it, you will go f*** those other guys and leave his ass at home to j******.

  • I love getting b******* from your girl

  • Do you love it as much as I do when your mom gives me a b******?

  • Good advice lol

  • Just tell him the truth how you like the s** with him. I suppose you do, but you may take this chance to add something to the repertoire that you would like to do.

  • Tell him you like big c*** and if he does a good job eating your p**** you will bring him a surprise

  • Perfect answer! I want my wife to do that!

  • Tell him here's the deal. You are not the biggest, but you are the best and I married YOU. End of discussion, now drop it before I get p***** off.

  • .... This coming from a sow too big for her britches with a piehole to match.
    's a shame the old bag has never been happy & can't find a mate much less get laid. Oh well, she can always F' k off & die somewhere.

  • Lol well said.

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