Showing my micropenis off

I am a grown man who suffers from a medical condition that causes me to have a micropenis. It's truly infant sized. I am so embarrassed and humiliated by it that I haven't had s** with a woman in over a decade. I am very lost and lonely. One way of dealing with it has been to get into small p**** humiliation-getting enjoyment from others mocking my size. I post pictures and videos online and go into chat rooms to be mocked, laughed at and degraded. Although it does give me pleasure it's not truly what I want. But at least I'm getting some pleasure and I'm not really hurting anyone (although maybe psychologically myself). It's truly pathetic how I let myself be laughed at but it's amazing to see some of the reactions when people online see my package. I'm not gay but I like going into gay video chats because they're usually the only ones who want to see d****. I love it when younger studs laugh at and mock me. Or they tell me to play with it on cam while they j*** off cause they have a small p**** fetish. I enjoy letting myself be used like that because it makes me feel cheap, dirty and degraded and I get pleasure out of that. I really just want someone to accept me and help me.

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  • My ex was large and my girlfriend's would tease me about it but I was sore a lot during our relationship., My current guy is more average down there and we have a wonderful s** life. Size isn't everything.

  • I have thought for a long time kate middleton is celine dions child and notice she looks nothing like her so called mother or father and the sister looks half islander which blackish skin? she also looks nothing like her brother. I think we have been lied to and the old celine has a sorted secret past.

  • He said micro p**** like a babies. S** is impossible. Nothing you can do. Just go out and fu ck as many girls as you can. Pay for some hoes to get your confident up if you need to. Eventually you will find someone like ine of these bit ches below that will give you a chance.

  • Bigger is not always better. What counts is how you use it. My husband is hung like a horse and s** hurts every time because of it even with using extra lube and all. If size was an option, I'd go for a man with a small p**** in a heartbeat. You should ditch the exposing and shaming yourself part, it isn't doing you any favors.

  • It sounds like you seem quite happy the way things are but as a woman, I wouldn't mind being with a guy with a micro p****. Yes, intercourse would maybe be pointless but there are 1000s of other ways to enjoy s**. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only girl who thinks this. Get out there and meet a nice girl. I'm confident you will meet someone to love and accept you the way you are.

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