My wife can't close her legs

Ok I was 32 when I met my wife. She was only 16. Her boyfriend was handsome, dominant, an athlete and a **. My wife is from a strict Catholic family. So I met my wife while she was being whipped by her boyfriend and later ** by 7 of my coworkers and my boss.

So her boyfriend was a guy who didn't just share her with my crew, but every friend he had, and this guy had a lot of friends. Even after I proposed, he made her **. I do not mean a few guys, but like ** everyone. Her batcherlotte party had all my ushers, two rock bands and about twenty older guys who paid.

We are talking about 45 guys.

Our wedding night, he took her first. Then my best man, then my boss, then every usher, and every guy on my crew.

We went on a honeymoon. Her boyfriend consummated ok ** her every night. ** her and then sold her to any and every guy who had a dollar. They gave her the money, she gave me the money and I had to give her boyfriend the money. He would ask, how is my **. MY **, not my ** wife, or our **, but his **.

Yeah, **! Rock hard.

We now have three children. Yes, I get ot ** my wife. Yes, I ** inside her, so does her boyfriend, so does his friends, so do her customers. Yes, my wife is a **.

She collects the money, I have to watch, her boyfriend is very protective and wants to make sure she is safe. I get the money from her and have to give him a detailed account, who ** her, how much he paid, who he recommended, how much they paid. My wife is very successful.

I have to be in the room. I have to lick her clean. She has explained getting pregnant and having children is all a part of life... Part of life. Well at least they have my name. DNA testing is not allowed.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I am still hard. I knew my wife was a **, a Good Cahtolic **. She and I do not get any of the money. Her boyfriend gets it all. We do get to go on vacations, provided and paid for by her clients

Last week she gave me one of the babysitters. It felt so wonderful, she treated me so special, then when I wanted to spend the night with her, she told me my wife's boyfriend owned her.

I know you all think I am a wimp, but my ** is as hard as a piece of granite.

Next Confession

I've been patient, but . . . .

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