I've been patient, but . . . .

. . . . we've been dating for over a year now, and I'm not going to wait anymore. You now have one month. Either you tell your wife in a kind and nice way that you're leaving, or I'll tell her in an ugly and mean way, and you know how ugly and mean I can be. Either way, a month from now, she's gone and you're mine (along with the house and car). How that happens is up to you, but it is so totally going to happen.

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  • I was on your side until you said "I'll tell her in an ugly and mean way." I feel sorry for your bf if you have to blackmail him every time you want him to do something. The person you're punishing is his wife by being intentionally hurtful to her. He'll go running back to her if you do this. It's your choice to stay or leave in this relationship. He obviously doesn't want to leave his wife.

  • Gold digging w****. get your own money and assets. having a p**** is not an asset.

  • You only believe that having a p**** isn't an asset because you don't have a p****. You really could not be more wrong.

  • You should trick him to get you pregnant.

  • I admire you. I was in your position and never had the nerve to issue "the ultimatum". I'm glad you did that, and I wish you well.

  • He needs to get rid of you and stay with his wife. If I were him I'd tell you to f*** off in a mean way.

  • Two woman can be just what a man needs. Lung term love and satsfaction kids, house in the burbs with one and raw s** with the other.

    You are the other. Stop being vindictive. Put on a short skirt and send him a dirty little text offering him a b*******. Apologize to him and offer to let him spank you.

  • You're very naive. You've been with him for a year because you believed something he said? That he was going to leave his wife.. If he really wanted to leave his wife he would. It's really that easy. But you see he gets s** from the both you. That's what he wants. He doesn't want another wife. You can say that is what he told you. Well you will never know what happens between a man and a wife..only the man and wife know. He can tell you how unhappy he is or what a b**** she is..blah blah etc, but really you'll never truly know. And if he cheats on her, he will certainly cheat on you and you really don't know just how many others he is sleeping with. You're wasting your time. Oh and p.s. you did not earn a house and car. I agree with the post below. His wife would deserve that. However, No man, no house, no car will ever make you happy. That starts with you. If you start your relationship with a lie, it will certainly end in one and there is nothing that will sustain it.

  • Ah yes it would seem the house & car are the main game here. True love would be elope together and start afresh with nothing. Give the house to the ex as compensation.

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