Turned On By Seeing My Wife Kissing

Was my wife's birthday. Got her a beauty makeover and spa treatment as a gift. Made plans to take her out for a nice dinner so day of the dinner she went for the beauty makeover. She looked fantastic. New hair style, smooth skin, sexy lip gloss...the whole package. She dressed very sexy that night and I noticed a lot of men looking at her. I was getting turned on noticing the other guys looking and probably l****** after her. Went to the bar after dinner. Met a guy at the bar and we talked and he bought us a few drinks. He asked my wife to dance and noticed how close he got with her. I got hard as a rock. I had to use the rest room and upon coming back I noticed him kissing my wife. I decided to keep a distance and watched as he kept giving he pecks on the lips. I finally got back to the bar and couldn't help notice our new friend had an obvious erection. My wife looked a bit flustered and we finished our drinks and said our goodbye's to our friend. We got to the car and I told her I saw her kissing that guy. She said she hoped I wasn't upset but he made her feel good and sort of sexy. I didn't say anything but took her hand and put it in my lap. My raging h****** told the whole story. We immediately embraced in a long passionate kiss. Soon to be followed by my wife bobbing up and down on my c***. That was followed by our first role play when we got home.

Apr 12, 2015

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