I've been married for about 7 years

I've been married for about 7 years now. Last week I met up with the guy I met online. He's really sexy and very funny. We had s** for several hours. (god, it was real good!!) That same day I had a dinner to go to. I flirted with an older man who's also very sexy and a great accent. We met up for drinks after the dinner and had s** in the back seat of my car.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I used to work with a pig like this but at least she left her husband then broke up another employee's marriage. I hope you rot in h*** you nasty c***

  • meh

  • ^Your mom

  • Yeah and what type of response did she expect when posting a confession like that? For people to just feel sorry for her, pat her on the back and say don't do it again. She don't care. This isn't a confession it's bragging. She's proud of this. And for the commenter who said the thing about Jesus go read your Bible and read the whole story. Nobody here is trying to execute her or pay her back for cheating on her husband. The people Jesus spoke to were trying to execute a woman for being an adulter. They were trying to stone her. Nobody her is trying to find her and have her executed for breaking any law. They are just stating fact. She cheated on her husband with two guys in the same day at two totally different times. If that isn't the definition of s*** then I don't know what is.

  • All of you are idiots. She came here to confess, not hear your self important bullshit. And I'm sure all of you are pure as snow, so please look at your own lives and grow the f*** up.

  • She took the 7 year itch a little too far. Dad should win custody.


  • For all of you commenter defending this piece of garbage making the confession: This woman is not only a s***, but sounds like an all around cold hearted b****. She slept with 2 differetn men (so far) behind her husbands back! Hopefully, you will not get any STDs while you are still married cause your husband does not deserve that. Why do people have to cheat, why not get a divorce, if this is the type of lifestyle you want? I am not calling the woman a w**** because she slept with 2 guys, I am calling her a w**** because she is married!!! It is a selfish thing to cheat, and yes, karma will come bite your ass. . .hopefully before you do give your husband any diseases.

  • I don't need to deal with little kids.I am not going to go in a blog war. Peace to everyone.

  • Concerning the post: "There are people who are ignorant in this world." ... Wow, YOU are ignorant. Don't people like this see their ignorant reasoning? She JUDGES those who "judge people" and then ends her psycho-babble by saying, of all things, "I hate it when people judge people".

    GIVE ME A BREAK. Go to school, whomever you are and take a simple course in logic and then attempt to opine, PLEASE.

  • But she said all that was needed to be called a w****, she said she was married.

  • She really didn't leave that much info if u guys haven't realized. Who's to say she's not using protection or not feeling guilty? You guys are not ones to judge. Like a great man once said "He who lives without sin cast the first stone". I totally agree with what he said.

  • There are people who are ignorant in this world. Why would you wish someone to have an STD? You must be young and stupid. Life is funny, you might end up with an STD. Also who the f*** are you to judge people? You are not high power to judge anybody. If she want to sleep with men behind her husband's back then let karma hit her.

    Also when men sleep with alot of women they are not called any names but as soon as a woman does it she is called a w****. DOUBLE STANDARD

    I hate it when people judge people, you don't f****** know her.

  • Go to confession, man. In a church. Ya need it. #_#

  • And your not even guilty about it. Thats just worse. I hope your husband finds out and kicks your ass to the curb. AND then you get an STD

  • Yeah W**** is the correct definition of what I just read.

  • Life's too short, have fun!

  • Lets see now, I forget, how do you spell W****?

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