Question: For women, is an o***** an

Question: For women, is an o***** an o***** no matter what, or are there varying degrees? If the latter, what factors create more or less intense o******?

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  • I can feel when my wife has an o*****. It feels like her p**** starts massaging my d***. It's wonderfull. And when I give her a c*** and g-spot o***** it's so intense she usually passes out afterwards.

  • varying degrees.

  • There are varying degrees. I'm 16 and a virgin, and I live with my parents that have guests, so I don't really have the privacy to m*********, so I just think of my favorite and it happens. I've been able to do that since I was 14.

  • ^^I can't answer that question for two reasons. First, I am a man so it is impossible for me to answer it and second from what my girlfriend tells me I am the best she's had and I can tell she doesn't fake it. So if there are any girls on here who have faked it and got away with it please see the post above mine.

  • Well, I wonder why girls always talk about faking it then. I could never fake it cuz my man would know!

  • ^^It depends on how intense the o***** is. If its really intense I at least can feel it get wetter down there. But I cannot speak for the male gender in general because its different for everybody, but at least for me i can tell.

  • For me, it feels different depending on the stimulation. It always feels great, but it is much more intense from s** (for me anyway, most girls probably say the opposite) When I c** from clitoral stimulation, it feels hella good. I shake, quiver, and my c*** gets so sensitive that I can barely handle it being touched right after. So, when my bf is eating me, and I c**, I try to get away, and he holds me down and eats it until it hurts (but man that s*** is amazing!!) Now, there is also the penetration o***** (the g-spot), and to me that feels even better than the other! My p**** gets super wet, and I like the feel of my juices on my inner thighs (and on my man's stomach)!!!! I c** so hard from s**, and I can keep c****** over and over without becoming too sensitive, so for me it is better. I love the feel of the d*** sliding in and out when I am really wet, and when I c**, I like for my man to push his d*** all the way to the top. Can a man feel it when a woman c*** while having s** (without a condom)????

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