I got out the friends zone!

So let me start by saying I'm 17 (girl) he's 17 (guy). We've been friends since we were 10 and have done lots done lots of sporting events together so we see each other all the time. Like 4 times a week at least. I was friends with his first girlfriend who he lost his verginity with at aged 13, he was with her for two years. He's got a girlfriend now that he's been with for a year. Not long ago we were getting changed after a swimming event and I made a joke that I would flash him, he said go on then. I chickened out but he flashed me. A month later we were at another swimming event and there were no changing rooms left so I shared one with him. I flashed him and he told me I had great t*** and that he wanted to see more (I'm quite shy) with new confidence I dropped the towel I was holding and he said do you want to f***, I said yes,

I lost my verginity with my life long crush. Yes I helped him cheate on his girlfriend but we've f***** again since.

I've only had s** with him twice but it was amazing. He's well equipped about 8 inches and with a large girth. It was painful at first and he ripped my p**** and it bled a bit because he was rough with me but I loved any minute. He's still with his girlfriend and I'm just the fun on the side I guess

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  • What does that mean?

  • Old bald b******. Loes.

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