That I keep having thoughts about another woman other than my wife. I love my wife but I want to bang the crap out of this other woman. And I am pretty sure she would do me too......

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  • Go for it man

  • Phillipians 4:13, I can do everything through Christ who strenghtens me.

    Pray that God awakens your desire for him and for loving your wife. He will give it to you, Believe.

  • OTOH just f*** her now. you will never have a better chance, especially if u think she wants u too. then u can learn what her p**** and t*** are like compared to ur wife's. Try to make it a one-night-stand, so u can handle it when ur wife finds out. then u can tell her how much better it is f****** her--or not; then u will know what to do

  • How do you no this other woman. What is it about her that you are attracted to. Maybe u should avoid her or tell her how u feel. Even tho u love your wife you don't want to live your life with what ifs.

  • Just don't. I went that route, and, while I liked the extra s** i got, I regret it. Lots of us see women we want to bang the crap out of--but you don't get enough in the long run to make it worth it.



  • If I went on my impulses, I would have beat the crap out of my boss; however, I can't afford that.

    Trust me, if your wife is a good woman and takes care of her self and you... it is way cheaper to keep her. When you get the urge, beat off. Keep a towel and hand wipes in the car, just in case you are driving to her house. After you c**, the urge will pass.

    Trust me.

  • It's OK to have other lovers just don't feel guilty about it. Many men have had up to 27 other women and continue to live successful lives.. Just don't feel guilty. Do what you need to do to feel like a man.

  • Oh god, the self-absorbed narcissist giving advice to someone? And telling him to not feel guilty? Let me tell you something, brother, there are many men in the world, like myself, who'd like to f*** all sorts of women. We don't act on our impulses all the time, thank god.

    What you do is your business (as long as you are not wrecking homes on the way). But you are not really fit to give advice to others on this topic.

    A Real Man.

  • don't disgrace her.
    if you love/want two women
    let the first go.
    because if you truly loved the first,
    there would never be a second.

    a #1

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