i want to be an author and write books

i want to be an author and write books that mean something to people, to make them realize it's okay not to be 'normal', because no one ever is. most people just pretend to be and spend their whole lives trying to be accepted and do what's expected of them; i say f*** that, do what you want. yet still i'm terrified to pursue this dream at risk of failing and ending up being what everyone surmises i'll be, nothing.

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  • Pursue your dream and tell the world your story.It might not get you where you want but at least you won't be haunted by regrets and dead illusions.If you think you can write meaningful things,just go for it

  • Listen, not being negative, but very few writers get the first book published. This is not because the book is bad, but because they send it to one place and stop after the first rejection.
    I write, and occasionally get a short story published, but magazines, printing houses, all of these places are looking for different things.
    Do your research, find out what a place wants, and send them your stories. You might get one, or even ten rejections, but if you really want to do it you'll keep it up.


  • Write your book, but don't quit your day job!

  • write your book.
    even if it doesn't get published or really recognized as anything, there is always someone who can be helped by someone elses words. It might just be one person, but to make a difference in one persons life is all that matters, right?

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