Not "Lazy"

What's a nice way of saying "I get other people to do the work for me" or "I can make people want to help me with projects"?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Persuasive was what I was looking for, a friend suggested it, lol, thanks to you who suggested it here. To all you others, well, I don't push it, I just sortof make little attempt at doing it and they take over; I don't need to feel bad about myself, it's how I am; and how the heck would s*** have anything to do with lazy? I'm pretty certain they're out there doing there work, lol.

  • Persuasive?

  • You can always say you are ''arrogant and incapable'' in place of ''lazy''. I'm not sure which is the lesser evil :]
    I think it would be better if you just did the work yourself, instead of shoveling it on the shoulders of others. That's always an option too, rather than struggling over how to rephrase ''lazy'' so that you don't feel so bad about yourself, which is obviously the case here.

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