Why must size queens and p*** stars

Why must size queens and p*** stars ruin most men's confidence in their p****? I have done extensive research and have found that the average p**** size is between 5 and 6 inches; however, my girlfriends all complain when this is 'all they get' and they always want more.

That is the problem with us women. We are rarely ever satisfied. We see that the average is 6, so we want 8. If the average was 8, you'd see most of us wanting 12. This obsession with size is killing my boyfriend and I have no way of telling him he's my favorite and he's the best s** I've ever had since all of these size-obsessed women have ruined his confidence.

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  • Yeh, I need to win some whoooping lotteries just so I can use up my flight points by april please god. more then one more time! like daft punk baby! baaaaaaabaaaay! I will have a few 30 million plus at least 3 units and some gold thanks and a new house and cars and reno prize and world holiday chow god. I been darn good, you know it.

  • so what ur saying is my p**** is probably too big
    my p**** is and i am not lying is 9 inchs long

  • The male isn't responsible for the sexual fulfillment of the women. We have s** TOGETHER. Its supposed to be mutual. If a partner finishes first and can't continue, its really the second partner who needs to do the job right for themselves. Need more inches? Thats what a d**** is for. Same for guys who complain. Get yourself a fleshlight if you think a larger v***** correlates to lots of previous s**.

    I've heard of girls who o***** once, first, and roll over on the guy leaving him bulging. Thats SOOO mean! But on the other hand its also mean to a girl when the guy blows first. It's going to happen at some time so face it. It just shouldn't be a habit, or thats just a broken sexual relationship.

  • This is a direct quote:

    "But no, you just have a gaping hole in your huge puss that's so large it's a miracle your uterus hasn't fallen out onto the floor."

    And you can still have a pin-d*** with 6 inches, it would be a long pin though. The guy starts freaking out about women wanting big d****, so he is obviously insecure of his own size. . .he just doesn't have to be so rude. Women's "huge gaping vaginas" are just too big for his d***. . .LOL That's a new one!

  • From what I hear, 6" isn't really a pin d***. And this guy never said that he had trouble fitting his c*** into your p******-it just seems that women have unrealistic expectations of what they 'deserve' (even though a large or small c*** is not something controllable).

  • why wasn't I included in this "extensive research"???

  • That;s right, keep telling yourself that pin-d***. Your d*** isn't small, all of us women's p****** are too big for it!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!

  • The post 2 above this one: Why do you care so much? I mean, there are obviously women (like the poster) who wouldn't mind a tiny p****, so there is some hope for you. your post litterally made me roll around on the ground laughing. . .what happened, did some woman tell you the truth about your bedroom skills, and now you want to take it out on those of us who DO have a man that is hittin it right? LOL you are f****** hilarious!

  • no the girth is 4 inches

  • Fat are we? Or just trashy? Either way you are s****. As I said, not even the hummer would make a tight squeeze in your wide-ass p****. I drive a Toyota Prius, actually, but no, I don't tell people that it speaks for my stamina.

    I'll be the first to admit having a normal 6" d***, but please don't demand large d**** unless you've got at least a 36-24-36 figure and NATURAL t*** that are no smaller than a D cup. And your face had better put all the other women to shame. Oh, and make sure that your thighs don't jiggle and that your calves are long and thin. While you're at it, I don't want no tree-stump legs either. They'd better be long and muscular.

    But no, you just have a gaping hole in your huge puss that's so large it's a miracle your uterus hasn't fallen out onto the floor. Asking for a big c*** is like me asking for a model-type woman...anything over 7" is about 10% if not less of the male population. Have fun with that used d***, and don't get burned b******. All the rest of us normal men will be enjoying the few women whose expectations are actually realistic.

  • ^Right. . .I bet he drives a big ol' hummer. . .compensating are we?

  • ^LOL Bitter about something?

  • To the first commenter, good luck finding a man to drive his hotdog mobile down your highway. Even if you find a semi-truck, you will still have a fat c*** with cellulite all over your ass, legs, and stomach.

    You b****** are pathetic, obsessing about size and what not. Women like you get STDs from these schlongs and I love it. And then you get played.

  • Thank you for reposting OP, and longer than the first time.
    And for the last time, you are lying #3 and your girth is not 5 inches either.

  • my p**** is and i am not lying is 9 inchs long

  • so what ur saying is my p**** is probably too big

  • The rest of the world needs women like you! There are not enough big d**** to go around, so you (and all women like you) can have the small-dicked men, while the rest of us continue to ENJOY s**!

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