this isn't so much a confession as it

this isn't so much a confession as it is me needing advice --

my sister was getting with this guy who was pretty much using her for s**. he always hit on me and texted me and i just blew it off and let it go. i didn't tell her because it's happened before and she didn't believe me and said i was jealous and blahblah. i ended up getting with the guy when they were "done" but they're apprently now talking again. me and her haven't had a civilized conversation in weeks because she found out i was at his house one night and i didnt tell her, but i was there with another mutual friend. even though i think she's pathetic for talking to this guy again after we all told her he was s******* around on her, and i have no sympathy for anything and i think people deserve what they get, she's still my sister and i'm torn between ignoring that it happened and letting him s**** with her again, or telling her so that hopefully she'd stop talking to him .. because more than likely she'll do what she did last time and get p***** at me but still talk to him.

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  • Agreed. He's poison to your relationship. Blood should be thicker.

  • You should support your sister- quit f****** him yourself and tell her the same.

  • So, knowing he was an a****** using your sister for s**, you got with him anyway after they were "done"??? I think it is a whorish thing to do to swap guys between sisters. . . .so yeah, you are both s****, and deserve any disease the guy gives. . .to BOTH of you. . .gross!

  • I am sick and tired of these emo kids...... Oh, sorry wrong post.

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