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I seriously hate toilet bum time... i get server pains s******* for some reason every now and then it will come and last a few weeks and then go away for years ... its dreadful and i hate doing poos ... it is painful and i wonder is something more wrong, why so constipated when you would think it should have been worse in summer...i will have to drink more fluids. and see if that will help or some fiber.

May 8, 2015

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  • If I was trying to crap out a server, I'd hate "toilet bum time" too! All those sharp corners and electronic components... ouch. And those things are BIG, too!

    Yes, I'm laughing at you, you illiterate sack of mucus.

  • Enema

  • It could be nothing or it could be something serious. Not meaning to scare you, but going to the bathroom shouldn't be painful. It could be a simple tweak like paying attention to your diet. Eating healthier and drinking more water, as you suggested. Look into getting more fiber into your diet and drinking water could definitely help. Have you thought about taking a fiber supplement like Metamucil? Or drinking Smooth Move teas at night? Now, you don't want to much fiber or drink the tea too much or you'll have a reverse issue. Have you noticed if certain foods cause more stomach issues? or if you have other digestive issues? When you are able to go is there blood in your stool? Try for the next couple of weeks to keep a food journal and take note of how your body reacts to food and what your bowel movements look like. That's not be gross..but you know if something is normal and abnormal. Because chances are, your doctor will ask you the same questions. But regardless, you should see your doctor. Don't self diagnose and don't be embarrassed about this...this is your health.

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