Letting My Bisexual Friend Touch Me

Well, I didnt know she was bisexual (actually, pansexual) when she first started touching me. But anyways, whenever Id go over her house and wed go to bed, shed always touch my b****. It was subtle though, and shed never say anything about it. At first I thought she just thought that I was asleep, but sometimes i would shift around and indicate that I was awake so that she knew, but still proceeded to touch me. I actually didnt mind it, it didnt give me any pleasure or anything but I never really minded it. Sometimes shed even take my hands and put them on her own b****, or I would do it willingly since I could tell she wanted me to. Im not gay or anything, but I still did it for whatever reason. B**** are squishy. Once she even tried to get under my shirt, that is until I got up and went into the bathroom. I think she was convinced that I was asleep that time. Another time we were just talking and she casually puts her arm around my chest with her hand over my b***. I dont say anything about it. We cuddle together a lot, so her putting her arm around me isnt weird, but it was a bit surprsing when it was on my b***. All of this was before she told me about her sexuality. Anyways, weve never talked about it to each other. Nothing like that has happened in a while. Then again, I havent been visiting her house as much lately. Im not uncomfortable around her at all after knowing shes pan. I still get dressed in front of her and sleep and cuddle together with her. The last time i went over her house i had told her that I really wanted the guy I liked to bite me, so she started nipping at my back and it felt really good. When she was done she asked, "How was that?" And i just replied with a sigh or groan of some sort. We talked a little and fooled around on our phones before we decided to go to sleep. And when she went to shut the lights off and everything I told her I still wanted the guy to bite me, so she pinned me down and started biting around my face and neck. It felt really really really good. She got a bit calmer with it after a few moments, and was just nipping on my cheek. Then she started using her tongue, which made it feel even better. Whenever shed stop id nudge her until she started again. I kinda wanted to start moaning but.. I didnt. Eventually she went down to my neck and licked and bit it. I guess I really like having someone use their mouth on my neck, because it felt really really great. I imagined it was the guy I liked and it made me get sorta
turned on. After some time she stopped, and i kept nudging her to keep going but she wouldn't continue it. So, since I was pretty turned on by then, i started kissing and biting her neck too. But after just a few moments of doing so I felt weird about it and stopped. We didnt touch each other b**** or anything like that while I was there though. When I sleep over her house again wed probably end up doing something like that again, and I definitely wouldnt mind it. I dont think she likes me, unless shes a really really really really good fake crier. She talks about so many girls and boys that she likes, I really doubt she likes me. I dont like her either, but shes the only one thats willing to do those kinds of things to me for whatever reason (since I dont have a boyfriend and its not like id ask anyone else to do it). And it feels good, so Id want to do it again. But not s** or kissing on the lips. Just the neck biting, and even touching each others b**** I wouldnt mind still doing. Again, weve never talked about the kissing or anything to each other ever. Anyways, i was wondering if any other girls have had experiences sort of like this, where theyve touched their friend sexually but dont actually like each other. I dont know if this is too weird or not. I mean ill still probably keep doing it even if it is. Im 14 by the way lolol

May 31, 2015

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  • I know this post is old but I'll respond anyways. You really need to talk about it because it sounds like there's a fair amount of confusion between the two of you and that's how people get hurt and/or lose friends. If both of you just want to be friends with benefits, best to get it out in the open and then their won't be the worrying about it. OR if one of you is really looking for something, its' only fair to get that out in the open too so both of you can make a decision about whether to continue or stop. My heavens ,your playing with each other's boobies, I'd think you could talk about it! Obviously you both know it's going on so it's not like anyone's going to be shocked! I wish I had a gf that we could just play with each other's boobies without it leading to something more. I love b****** and love having mine played with. Unfotunately I've never met a friend who was straight but liked to play, like me.

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