Not sure if im still a virgin

I feel bad but i at the same time i get turned on by it. i let this guy touch my b**** just to tease him. i took his hands off because he was trying to go under my shirt. he started caressing them again but this time he went under my shirt from the waist up. it turned me on so i let him touch me. he took my b*** out of my bra and licked it . i felt it so wrong so i pushed him away but he insisted and started sucking my b*** and gently bit it. it turned me on so much i had never had this tingly sensation go in my body. it felt so good i wanted more of it but i felt so guilty for letting a guy that i dont even know touch me. i didnt let him do anything else to me so he gave up on me. he tried making moves on my friend but she wouldnt let him do anything. he commented on having a threesome and she wasnt up for it. i know that its wrong to have premarital s** being raised from a religious family. the thing is that i actually wanted to do it. i dont know if its because of how much he turned me on. i felt so bad after leaving his house. i had never let a guy touch my D-cup b**** let alone suck on them! im not sure if im still a virgin but i hate myself for letting him do it and for not being able to not sure if this devirginises me. i had never even kissed a guy before and im 19.

Jul 11, 2011

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  • You are an idiot. This sounds like something that you put up here to get old men hard. If it is serious. Open a science book moron.

  • you have nothing to be ashmed of it is perfectly natural to paerticibate in these encounters. its in our nature.

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