Me, my mom, and my sister all have

Me, my mom, and my sister all have boyfriends that are in jail (for various paroll viaolations). . . .their boyfriends are even in the same county. We joke with eachother about being jailbird girlfriends, but we all miss our men soooo much. And I know some of you are going to judge me, and say that we must live in a trailer park. Well, actually, we all live in upper-class neighborhoods. It sucks to be without my man, but at least I have people who know what I am going through. . . .it's actually kind of ironic that they are all gone at the same time. . .that never happened before!

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  • I wouldn't say trailer trash, but..You three might want to rethink the type of men you're with...If all three are choosing guys who'll end up behind bars, something isn't right with your judgement.

    On the plus side, if they can straighten up, maybe it can work. Good friend of mine, female (and an incredibly beautiful woman), did time twice, once b/c her ex got her into a robbery thing, and the other for parole violation, but, got out, is in college, has a baby, and straightened her life out. It can be done.

  • I love how the "confessor" is calling people "losers who sit on their computers all day," but you have found time to type up page-long responses to almost every comment. Maybe you should stop being a hypocrite

  • why is this a confession? go visit your upperclass convict boyfriend

  • ^I can totally see your point, and I am not arguing that it was a "smart" thing to do when they first committed the crime, I was simply asking for a bit of respect. Thank you.

  • ^Yes. You would lose your bet. You post this gleefull tripe about the cute resemblence of imprisoned parole violations for guns and drugs that tells me you have a stupid f****** bf and the appelette doesn't fall far from the bush because both your sister and mom have stupid bf's too. I have guns. I do drugs. Stupid is getting busted again and probably stupid for the original bust yet you (mom & sister) want to save these troubled souls.
    Well, God Bless ya for good intentions but then the .fact remains despite all your boastings of success and stability your bf's are in the clink while you pine away for them. I have a life, sucker.

  • ^So, do you honestly think I sound like I am stupid? I bet you are just some loser who sits on their computer all day and has no real friends so you come onto sites like this to try and make other people feel bad. I have a full-time, good paying job (actually I am at work right now), I go to school, I have no kids, I have my own apartment, my own car, and a loving boyfriend who happens to have been through some rough s*** in his life, so you mean nothin to me, and I actually feel kinda sorry for you. I was trying to be nice to you and explain my situation, since you acted as if you may be interested, and maybe if you had taken the time to be considerate to me, you may have learned something. . .that is if it was at all possible for you to open your mind to some new ideas. The only images of jail and felons you have are probably those you see on TV, so you really don't know anything. I wonder how you would feel if someone in your family got into trouble like that. . .would you desert them? Pretend you didn't know them? I would hope not. . .the one thing that I truly believe helps ex-cons enter back into society without reoffending is a loving and stable support system. So, actually, I am doing my part to keep crime rates down!! LOL Get a life loser!

  • No, I'd just test you for STD's since the test for intelligence has shown such promise.

  • . . .Oh, and I am really trying to be nice here, so please do not test my patience.

  • It doesn' really matter anyway. My mom and sister's bf's are in for drug relatewd offenses (possesion) and my boyfriend is in for gun possesion. . .they are actually all in now on paroll violations from original charges. Also, I do love and miss my boyfriend, so I would really appreciate if you would not talk negatively about him, as you do not even know him. Thank you. I am totally willing to discuss this with you, just please be respectful of me and my man okay? Thanks!

  • Well, if he were... umm... ahh... shiftfull (<- is that a word?)
    he wouldn't be in jail, would he?

  • ^I would appreciate if you left the rude pointless adjectives out of your comments if you want a real response (i.e. "shiftless bf") Thank you. If you would like an actual answer, please show me a bit of respect.

  • What did your shiftless bf do to go to jail to begin with? How about your mom's stud, and your sisters? What type of fellons are you defending/loving/missing?

  • ^Why do they have to be losers because they are locked up? A lot of good people make bad mistakes, so your judgement on them is totally closed-minded. And, why do I deserve a "loser" (as you say)? Am I a bad person for sticking with my man through hard times? As far as the trailer park thing, you would be surprised to find out that we have lived in the same neighborhood forever (with the average house price being around $750,00), and there are probably just as many criminals (like drug users) here than there are anywhere else. I just thought I may try to expand your tiny brain into realizing that there is no cookie cutter mold that felons fall into.

    -original poster

  • It never happened "before"--you mean they've all been gone before , but at different times? Right, well, you can take the trash out of the trailer, but it's still trash! Sounds like the women in your family all got just what they deserve: losers.

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