i hate black people. i hate interracial

i hate black people. i hate interracial couples. i think this planet would be better off without blacks.

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  • UR GOING TO H***...ASS WIPE!!!!!!


  • People that hate ethnic people only hate them because their parents taught them that. Hello were not back in the day. And my people, the blacks, made the air conditioner so suck it a******.

  • weather ? like outside ? i believe the correct usage would be whether, you uneducated puta/o. mow my lawn.

  • think about it for a bit...if everyone were the same color..no racim I'm hispanic and hate it..just because I KNOW that the white race will always be ABOVE everything else..everyone knows it too, jsut stop denying it and face the facts, it exists weather you like it or not..

  • Hey! Don't y'all be pickin' on us hillfolk.
    We ain't gonna claim 'em!

  • i think the planet would be better without ignorant people like you. all skin color is is an adaptation to where the humans originate from. everyone bleeds the same color, has the same organs, etc. except maybe you, i think your brain may in all actuality be a paps blue ribbon beer can and some rifle bullets, you redneck.

  • ^Agreed. A simple troll at that. Cept this isn't the place to troll. Its kinda useless. Page 10 etc.

  • lol you guys got trolled

  • Look OP, there's really only one phrase you'll need to know from now on to get along with black people: "Yes, Mr. President." Just practice while you're reading Black Daddy magazine.

  • OP, you have the right to your opinion as long as you don't illegally act upon it.

    It seems as though your judgment have been made through feeling and not thought. If you truly wish to find out if your judgment is valid, attempt to compose intellectually valid reasoning for your judgment.

    - GG

  • ^LOL Or got his white girlfriend taken away by a black guy!

  • I am guessing the OP liked a balck girl and got shot down.

  • ^LOL I am taking a wild guess that the poster is also a homophobe. . .so you probably just REALLY p***** him off. . .nice job!

  • I'm a white guy who loves giving head to black men. I especially like to be sexually dominated by them. I have a feeling the original poster secretly wants the same thing.

  • ^Agreed. I am a white woman with a black guy!

  • i'm a white man in a serious relationship with a black woman, and i say thank you for providing me with more motivation to p*** people like you off!

  • I don't even know why comments are being made on this ridiculous and ignorant post.

  • i dont blame you i blame your parents the way they raised you.God bless you dear you need a prayer

  • u are a disgusting human being. who do you think you are? what makes you think you are better than anyone in this world.....

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