I'm a single parent to two daughters. I would full-time, and recently have been seeing a fellow employee on the side. I'm white, he's black. He's real nice to me, however he does have a record and reports to a parole officer. I've brought him home to meet my girls, and have dinner with us. I've dated other black men so my girls are cool with it all. We've talked about him living with us, as he is having trouble covering rent and his car insurance. I want to help. Your thoughts?

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  • Well, the real question is if he's trying to get you to help and if he's trying to take care of it himself

  • I was half way done reading your post and I knew he trolling for someone to carry him. Typical jail bird looking to be supported is what I think.

  • Urrr,should never mix colours

  • Wow ur a racist piece of s*** tf

  • Have your mommy help you do one of those DNA tests. You will very likely be in for a surprise or two.

  • Sounds like you've got a great track record of making bad life decisions. Have fun with this one, and make sure to crank out a few more fatherless kids who won't have any future to speak of. We need more quality people like that in this world!

  • You bring a parolee you really don't know home to meet your daughters. You know what the number 47 is? Your IQ.

  • How old the girls

  • 9 and 11...

  • He would be more interested in your daughters more than you, sexually mind that!

  • Are you there hun... sweetie... hun... anonymous pedo mommy wants to touch her p3nis while you tell her all about your girls hun... sweetie...

  • Nice ages

  • First and foremost, what did he go away for?

  • Being a black guy,most likely stealing stuff.
    Apparently black hands must be very sticky lol

  • There goes your credit.. your fixing to get owned and everything you own he’ll act like it’s his. Expect to support him like his mom used to. If you want a complicated relationship feel free to move him in.
    But please... see for yourself how this goes

  • I want to fuckk you so hard sweetie that you’ll roll in pain all day

  • Be ready to go to see Judge Judy to get your money back after he screws you over.

  • Or judge Rinder if you're uk👍

  • My thoughts?
    Umm ok, what kinda panties do you wear,how dirty do you get them? Do you cream in them? Leave stray pubes?
    And describe the smells please.
    Thank you

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