I desperately need someone to talk

I desperately need someone to talk to..I don't think I was ever completely honest..with myself or others..I don't think I ever had a "true" friend and I don't think I can function without masks and little lies and made-up hopes..
I miss feeling alive,if I ever felt all that, at all..I miss that feeling of "life is just beginning"..I am in my mid 20s and I feel like so much is already gone.Like I've wasted and exhausted so much time and so much of myself,just waiting for something,some "magical" something to happen,something that is forever postponed and forever out of reach..
I feel trapped in this bubble of fears and I don't know how to get out.All I know is no one will come and rescue me.No one ever does..

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  • hi, i know what you mean, I temper what i do on here with the thought that , i may get some serious a******* responding , but i think you should feel free to say what you want and post your deep feelings while ignoring the ones that may want to make fun of you. I think the more real people are the more free you will become , you can do it without anyone knowing you as long as you can weather the storms of stupidity , who knows you may be saying things that even if you are laughed at that , they need to hear, i think this site is better than church, where everyone puts on a mask and wants to think they love God or their neighbors , Just talk over their heads , be serious about what you write and you will be healed....dont let anyone keep you from writing what is really going on iniside of you....i hope you are not new to the net , it is full of those kinds of bullies , but you will also meet sone col people that will help you in coming out from behind your masks ...give us a try....

  • Thanks for taking the time to read and offer some advice.Focusing on one important thing and accomplishing that,actually sounds like a good place to start,too bad thinks are always easier said than done..
    And,no,I wasn't planning on posting here more,I recently came across this site,and in a moment of idiotic frenzy I said "Why the h*** not?!".Anyway,thanks again.

  • Me too, and the longer you wait the more you're just going to sit around and be miserable. Soon, you'll crush every hope you have and live day after day in a numb haze if you keep this up.

    Its not easy, but don't post too many things like this here, because you're gonna have some really stupid thirteen year olds talking down to you.

    When you get time, decide one thing you really want to do, I mean really have a desire to accomplish, go for that one thing with everything you have. Once you start to see that you can really complete that, go for other things.

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