Hi, My name is Harry Testicles and I

Hi, My name is Harry Testicles and I would like to confess my neighbor is a d***. I know the old saying about living next to an a******, but really, does the d*** have to do so many pushups in the p**** next door? I slap her a****** a lot during these workouts which she doesn't seem to mind but after 10-15 minutes or so I get to feeling bad and get sick in the p****. There was this one time when the d*** and a****** got together but it was a s***** experience for both as I understand it. Yea, I got sick in the a****** too. So anyway, I just wanted to say my neighor is a d***. (I get along with the a****** ok, though when he talks his breath is pretty bad)


Jul 8, 2010

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  • Trolling for what? A laugh?

    Harry T.

  • Wow you really suck at trolling.

  • I'm not entirely certain as to what it is you are trying to say, but it seems to me that you are describing your neighbors and possibly yourself as actual anthromorphic sexual organs that act as humans in most senses. I don't know why you'd do that. Maybe you're just confused. I get confused, alot.

    - Hestacley Tairs

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