A Message From the Present to My Future Love

Let's head to the countryside and leave behind all that can be measured by the hands of a clock. We can bathe in the river and fill our bellies with all that the trees and bushes have to offer. We can bask in the heat when the sun peeks from behind the clouds and hold each other tight under the stars for warmth.

Oh, My Love

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ If you really don't stand for either political party, then why post a political rant on a confession that obviously has nothing to do with politics?

  • It's poetry, people. The sentiment is what counts, not the practicality.

    The poetry is beautiful, by the way. A little cliche, but it sounds sincere. Good luck with that future love!

  • ^ I think I've played Oregon Trail enough to know how to deal with all of these potential problems. So, are you coming with me?

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