Shoe Laces

About 2 years ago, I was sat in my regular lesson of Religious Studies. Now everyone had heard of the different gullible pranks. The writing on the ceiling, the thing on the Tshirt, shoelaces etc.

I had just been pranked by a person about shoelaces but I knew I didn't have shoelaces so I didn't react. I played it on my best friend. It turned out she had shoelaces. She looked down and checked.

"Oh. Thanks. I didn't realise they were undone done." She got down under the table as did them up. By the time she came back up, the teacher had said to be quiet.

"Thanks for that by the way." She smiled.

"That's a detaetion, I tood you to be quiet." She got into trouble for something I did. I never got to apologise but it wasn't my fault at she was so gullible and the teacher was suck a strict t***.

We are now best friends.

Jun 3, 2015

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