I lost my wedding ring in the ocean. My

I lost my wedding ring in the ocean. My wife has no idea, she would kill me. I bought a replica a few years ago and she is yet to know.

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  • Bruh I’d think she’d understand 😂 it’s like titanic! How romantic :) it’s now the new heart of the ocean.

  • that is a good confession!!!!!!

  • my dad lost his at the cottage on their honeymoon. it became a huge joke. there's a huge reward if anyone finds it... it's been 25 years....
    my mom found it more funny than hurtful... so i'd tell your wife.
    you lost it in the ocean, that's an accident, it's not like you left it on a bedside in vegas after sleeping with a **.

  • accidents happen; don't feel too ashamed if it's something that wasn't because of negligence or something done on purpose... nothing you can do about occasional mishaps

  • The ring is only symbolic, unless it was a heirloom. I wouldn't sweat it too much.

  • classic

  • I think that you should have told your wife. She is suposed to understand when something like this happens. Why did you feel you had to hide it? My step-da lost his ring out in the yard, and he and my mom just went shopping for another, no biggie.

  • Not all ppl are understanding some are semi retarded .

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