Caught by the wife

"What are you up to?" I say.
"Nothing much." Says my neighbor.
"Come over and lets play." I say.

My neighbor is gay and we have been playing for the past year. Started off super secret and only late at night and at his house. I would only go over there when I worked a closing shift. I would park around the corner and walk in through the back door. This last week we got naked 5 times. Wife was in her chick den watching Netflix. I walked over wearing just black basketball shorts. No tshirt and no underwear. Walked in through the front door. We got naked right in his living room. We have had a few threesomes with gay friends of his.

So three days ago, I ask him to come over. We have had s** in my house before. No big deal. Wife was grocery shopping. Waited an hour to make sure she didn't make a quick trip. He comes in and I'm already naked. I strip him naked and we make out. He pushes me to the couch and starts sucking my d***. He has a magic mouth. Much better at giving head than my wife. Can make me c** in minutes. Then he bends me over the couch and starts f****** me. God I need it too. Love having his d*** in my h**** ass. A beautiful 9 inch long c***. This is the 4th time in 5 days he has f***** me. Each time it gets much easier and feels much better.

So he is f****** my f***** ass. I mean pounding it. I'm moaning like a good little b****. My wife walks in. "Oh. Didn't think I would see this. Thought I would catch you j**********. That would explain the lack of s** drive lately. Well, guess I don't have to go grocery shopping as often." I say, "What do you mean?" She says, "You two can keep f******. I just don't have to say I'm getting groceries when I'm really riding James (a coworker).

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  • Errrrrmen on men


  • You sir got me off his morning, thanks for the post.

  • Im not a fa g like you are. But your story sounded hot.
    You think your wife is willing to join you?

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