My secret love affair with COSMOPOLITAN

My masturbation life really goes hand in hand so to speak with my love affair with Cosmopolitan magazine.
During my early teens, I started to notice the beautiful covergirls on Cosmo. Being a male, I knew Cosmo was a women’s magazine and that somehow made it more alluring to me. I didn't know how to m********* yet and used to get these massive boners and not know what to do with them. I started to enjoy walking around without underpants on to get that nice free feeling. At night I would sometime urinate on myself a little as this got me really excited.
One day a friend of the family left a Cosmo at our house. The cover and pictures inside where driving me totally wild - the women in Cosmo are just so beautiful! It was like I had opened this door to a secret world of women! The head of my p**** was purple with excitement. I started to rub the underside of the head, you know the really sensitive part. That triggered a really powerful feeling that I hadn't felt before. I rubbed more and more whilst taking in the beauty of those lovely Cosmo pictures in the fashion section (it was a lingerie editorial I vividly remember!). It took me a while to c**, it being my first time. I remember being a little shocked by all that white, warm and sticky c** that spurted out. Oh those first waves of pure delight were fantastic! To have that exquisite release of that delicious pressure from my testicles was pure joy! Now I was truly hooked to Cosmo and masturbation!
Soon after that I started a gardening job for pocket money. I used to garden for people with holiday houses. One house had a collection of Cosmo’s – what joy! I would go down to work at the house during the week when they were not there. I would strip off all my clothes inside and read the Cosmo’s and m********* – not knowing if they would come through the door at any time! I eventually took two of their Cosmo’s and hid them at a secret spot of my down the beach. Often I would go down to this spot and strip off and walk through the bush naked with my lovely Cosmo’s. I eventually got the courage up to buy my first Cosmo.
My love affair with Cosmo has lasted for quite a few years now. I guess I might have the worlds largest collection of Cosmo's - well over 1500 issues! I have developed this fetish for buying lots of the same issue. Every month I get really excited knowing that soon I will have lots of lovely Cosmo's in my arms. I usually go to a 24 hour convenience store and buy up to 30 Cosmo's at once. Wow what a huge turn on it is for me carrying all those lovely Cosmo's up to the counter! My record once was to buy over 225 issues! I spent the entire night driving around to different stores and buying all their Cosmo's - I just couldn't help myself. I would then lay the Cosmo's out in my backyard at night, lay on top of them and m*********. I so love the feeling of those soft glossy covers against my naked skin. Sometimes I pour Johnsons Baby Shampoo and baby oil and lotion on myself whilst I m*********. I love the silky sticky feel of the shampoo on me and my p**** as I m*********.
These days, I usually buy around 30 Cosmo's and drive down to a secret spot in the country. I arrange the Cosmo's in the front seat so that I can gaze upon them as I touch my p**** as I drive. I do like to m********* as I drive, but you do have to keep your wits about you. It's usually too risky to o***** in the car and I like to prolong the experience anyway. Once down at my secret spot, I walk into the bush and strip off all my clothes. I really love walking around naked with all my lovely new Cosmo's in my arms. The thrill of being caught gets me going a little as well. I love to walk well away from my clothes - just me and my lovely Cosmo's! I'll then lay them all on the ground and slowly m********* whilst reading Cosmo. I love it when it rains as well, as I find this really erotic. When I can't hold back any longer, the o***** I have is just so exquisite and I spurt my load of warm creamy sperm all over the Cosmo's. At one location, I take down several bottles of Johnsons Baby Shampoo and baby oil and pour these all over myself whilst laying on top of my Cosmo’s. I then walk through the bush covered with this deliciously silky sticky mess holding some Cosmo’s. I love spurting my c** over the Cosmo’s and I will lick off the c** as I do LOVE the taste! So now you know about my secret love affair with Cosmopolitan. I just can’t wait for next month’s issue!

Jun 9, 2015

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  • have u seen the nicki minaj one?

  • I'd totally be more willing to believe this isn't garbage if you can explain how you didn'twreck magazines you were laying in, sopping wet withbaby oil.

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